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Hi, I’m Andreas (G+, Facebook). I make screencasts. This is my written version of Mac OS X Screencasts.
You can find my personal iPhone and iPad homescreens here.

On Mac OS X Screencasts we publish mainly tutorials and reviews of OS X and iOS apps in English and German. We do custom screencasts, videos and animations too.
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Expand Selected Text With TextExpander (Keyboard Maestro Inside)

On other machines, you may not have TextExpander installed, and also may not have a need for it to be installed. In those cases I find this little AppleScript to be very helpful. What it does it basically takes selected text, and uses TextExpander to expand (and replace) it.

set teAbbreviationValue to the clipboard as text

tell application "TextExpander"
    expand abbreviation teAbbreviationValue
end tell

The reason I chose teAbbreviationValue as variable is, because, obviously, I turned this into a Keyboard Maestro macro too.


A weblog framework backed by Github gists.


I dig the idea behind this.


A weblog framework backed by Github gists.

TextExpander Snippets and Keyboard Maestro Macro to Solve Math in Your Text Editor

Calculate simple math equations right in every text editor using @TextExpander or @KeyboardMaestro.

I did like the idea of quickly solving equations in the middle of writing without having to go to another app or Spotlight. So I put together these Applescripts and turned them into TextExpander snippets and a Keyboard Maestro macro. They give you the ability to quickly solve math in a text document.

My OS X Menubar Apps

As noted yesterday I’m trying to remove a couple of menubar icons. I don’t have too many, I think. At least not that many that I see a need for apps like Bartender. Anyway, I figured some of you might want to know what apps actually are in my menubar.

From left to right:

  • BreakTime: Reminds me to take regular breaks during work. Will be started at about 11am, and closed at about 6pm by Keyboard Maestro.
  • F.lux (not in screenshot): I’m still trying to get used to this. I think the display gets too dark with this, but hey, why not? Also opened/closed automatically by Keyboard Maestro for work, and night time.
  • Keyboard Maestro: for obvious reasons.
  • 1Password Mini
  • iTranslate: I had higher hopes for this, but iTranslate is not a very good dictionary. I tend to use the OS X one a lot, with additional dictionaries for German/English, as well as German Thesaurus.
  • Dropbox
  • AirPlay: Because, OS X.
  • SwitchResX: Indispensible tool for screencasters and other video producers in the field that I’m working.
  • Bluetooth: Sometimes I use Type2Phone to type to my phone.
  • OS X Wifi
  • OS X Sound
  • iStat Menus: Bandwidth, memory, CPU with active graphics card, battery indicator changing whether charging or not, date and time.
  • Spotlight
  • Notification Center

You can see that from 13 menubar apps about 7 don’t come from Apple. I’m not nerdy enough for this world, I guess. (Or I just found nerdier solutions that don’t require a menubar app. mwhahaha) Sometimes I run CloudApp and other apps too, but those usually don’t run the entire day. I open CloudApp when I want to share something, I close it when I’m done.

Applescript to use Notification Center to give Time Machine updates

Runs as launchagent, but can also be run using Keyboard Maestro and the like. Haven’t tested this too much, but it looks good.

Note: I’m trying to get rid of a couple of menubar items. I don’t have that many (~10 or so, if that many), but if I could remove one or two that would be cool.

For Time Machine progress you/we can use Brett’s GeekTool Time Machine progress indicator. To enter the Time Machine view, you can just open Time in /Applications. And if you want notifications for backup progress instead, you can use this nifty thing linked above.

Kards: Promising

There is a problem.
You might have it too.

I would recommend to keep your eyes peeled for this project. The app is in private beta! Kards is looking for beta testers who are willing to provide helpful feedback only!

I’ve seen it in a very very early alpha state and it’s pretty cool. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified once the final version is out.

A New Way to Show Your Appreciation

Here’s a little reminder. If you didn’t know, you can show your appreciation for the work that I’m doing with several methods:

  • Flattr. Every post can be flattr’ed, you can also flattr the blog itself. Note that you will have to have the Flattr Button not blocked by an Extension or Plugin.
  • My Amazon Wish List is also online (this is new!). The list is German. Please use Google Translate if you are foreign.

Thank you very much for your support over the years! Writing this blog has been a pleasure!

Self-Made Lemonade Recipe

Let’s have at least one recipe here, alright?

This one actually comes from a friend, Harald. He’s the head of our coworking space. The recipe is quite simple:


  • 1/2 lime
  • 1-1.5l water


  • Squeeze lemon with hands or juice press into a bottle or carafe
  • Fill up with water
  • Done