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Hi, I’m Andreas (G+, Facebook). This is my personal blog. I used to write a lot about iOS and Mac apps only, but then decided that I should share my learning experience and my journey. Stuff that is hard for me. Now I focus on productivity, spirituality, sport and exercises, overcoming beliefs, and meditation. Generally stuff that I’m up to and things that were going through my head for some time. Understand German? You can read a really great interview how I roll here.
You can find my personal iPhone and iPad homescreens here.

On MOSX I used to publish tutorials and reviews of OS X and iOS apps in English and German.
Now I produce animated explainer videos, custom screencasts, and app previews only. Read my free book 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos.

MOSX is also on Twitter , Facebook and Google+.

Spirits is now available for Mac as well

From an email by Spaces of Play:

"We have redrawn all 42 levels by hand to support any resolution up to 2560×1440 pixels. It will look stunning on your MacBook Air and your wide-screen iMac alike. Add multi-touch trackpad support and native fullscreen in Lion – this is the best port your Mac has seen in years."

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