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My favorite iPhone photography apps

My favorite iPhone photography apps

I figured I could share my photography app collection with you since I spent some time last week deleting apps and finding the ones I really like.

Here’s a screenshot of my photograph folder. I renamed my folders verb-based.

  • Boinx excellent You Gotta See This app for non-classical panorama photos.
  • Happy Snapper to put stickers and texts on pictures. (I used to also have Labelbox installed, but I think it’s overkill to have both apps.)
  • picfx one of the best filter apps.
  • PictureShow: Unique filter app. A lot of filters, plus it allows you to adjust each filter. Love it.
  • SwankoLab: Filters, also, but applying filters here is a bit more random, since you’ve got to be careful what you’re adding to your mixture.
  • Nostalgio to create collages of photos and grid photos.
  • TouchRetouch is an amazing app that allows you to remove stuff from photos.
  • AntiCrop: Same company as TouchRetouch, but this time you can resize pictures to any size. Great if you made a picture with the built-in camera app, like I use to do, and then upload it to Instagram. “Oh, wait. What? The thing I want to upload doesn’t fit in a square? Let’s make it bigger then!”
  • Color Splash. Do I really have to explain why this app is here?
  • PhotoForge2: I tinkered around with Filterstorm and PhotoForge2 to find the one editing app that I like most. PhotoForge2 won, mainly because I find it faster to use.

"Wait, are you kidding? Where’s Instagram?!?!"

Instagram and Hipstamatic are where they should be. Instagram in my Dock, Hipstamatic on the first screen.1

  1. I blurred apps not necessarily belonging to this photogaphy apps article, but you can still hopefully guess which apps are there. 

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