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BassLine 4.0: 303 clone with major update.

One of the best 303 clones for iPhone and iPad just got a new major release. Among them is, of course, retina graphics for the new iPad, but music enthusiast, don’t refrain there’s more.

  • MIDI note input
  • MIDI controller input
  • Gated sequencer mode with real-time pattern transposition
  • OMAC Fast Switch sender support
  • One-swipe App Switching on iPads running iOS 5+: Swipe left from the right of the screen to reveal the list of registered apps
  • Audio Sharing via “Open in…”
  • Intelligent Background Audio: Avoid battery drain by auto-shutdown after 15 minutes of not receiving any MIDI event
  • iPad Retina graphics

MIDI is huge, you can now use it with Genome to run a session.

Buy on the

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