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Hi, I’m Andreas (G+, Facebook). This is my personal blog. I used to write a lot about iOS and Mac apps only, but then decided that I should share my learning experience and my journey. Stuff that is hard for me. Now I focus on productivity, spirituality, sport and exercises, overcoming beliefs, and meditation. Generally stuff that I’m up to and things that were going through my head for some time. Understand German? You can read a really great interview how I roll here.
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On MOSX I used to publish tutorials and reviews of OS X and iOS apps in English and German.
Now I produce animated explainer videos, custom screencasts, and app previews only. Read my free book 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos.

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My Recurring OmniFocus Projects and Tasks

My Recurring OmniFocus Tasks

I thought I should share my recurring OmniFocus projects. They are far less elaborate than you might think. I’m probably just embarrassing myself with this, but here we go.

I’ll start with the Daily project:

  • “PMR Exercise”. PMR is my meditation practice which I wrote about here. PMR means Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Jacobson.
  • “Take a photo or make some music”: An activity that I try to do to get myself out of the office, get some fresh air so I can continue working effectively.
  • “Try not to use your computer, OK?”: To get myself more involved at home, this task recurs every day at 19:30. It’s bound to a location context that fires when I’m getting home. When I get back home I have the bad habit of opening my computer and then just clicking away mindlessly for the rest of the evening. I tried to force myself away from the machine at about 22:00 but it’s much harder to disconnect from an evening activity once it started already. So I decided it’s better to use the break I already have from my commute and extend it a little once home.


  • “Internet Cleanup”: Starts on Monday’s. I clean up faved stuff on Twitter, throw away articles I don’t want to read. I clean up the stuff that accumulated. (I clean the flat weekly, too, but I don’t need a reminder for that.
  • “Plan week”: Also on Monday, right after I emptied everything, I start looking through the stuff I want to achieve that week and plan accordingly. Some tasks are fixed in my schedule. (Fixed like in “if you take this from me, I’ll hurt you really badly”.) Running on Monday evening, going to the gym, my meditation practice.
  • “Floss teeth”: My doctor says to floss every day, because it’s more healthy. Frankly if I’d do everything that is healthy every day and all the time there would be no time to live anymore. So I’ll floss weekly, but I would forget it if I don’t get a reminder. What an adventurous life!
  • “Protein cleaner for contacts”: A reminder to clean my contacts.


  • “Write invoices”: For the money, you know.
  • “Write letter to parents”
  • “Write letter to grandparents”: My way of staying in touch.
  • “Monthly Review”:
    • Trash Tasks in OmniFocus
    • “Archive OmniFocus tasks”: File → Move Old Data to Archive


  • “Annual review”: Out with the old opinions, in with the new ones.
  • “Archive Mail”: I archive my email messages once a year so they are out of sight and mind.
  • The following are mainly business related questions because I do a personal review with my girlfriend. I write these down in a text file or a mind map. Whatever I have at hand and feel like that day. The “ritual” is scheduled for the first week of every year.
    • Is your business still going the right way?
    • What does my market look like?
    • What did I think my market is going to look like?
    • How is it actually looking?
    • Who am I competing against?

I hope you find this most useful and inspirational.

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